Thedigitalfellow is celebrating National Video Games Day

National Video Games Day - 12th September

Video Games! From ‘Bertie the Brain’ in 1950 that was played on a 4 meters tall vacuum tube computer machine to PUBG  or Pokemon Go of our days.


According to Newzoo, the global games market is estimated to be $152.1 bn & is expected to grow by 17.1% by 2021.

Mobile gaming remains the largest segment in 2019:


  1. Brings 50% revenue to the gaming industry
  2. Is growing +10.2% Y-o-Y 
  3. Has 5.112 bn unique mobile users


And there’s gamification put to uses in marketing:

  1. dedicated gaming apps to market products/services
  2. pop up in-game ads for promotion 
  3. mobile digital marketing even to promote the new games themselves


Finally, gaming is not synonymous with entertainment or time-pass anymore. The scope of professional gaming as a lucrative career. A 16-Year-old won $3M in a Fornite World Cup recently & became a sensation. Read:


Game so not over!