thedigitalfellow is celebrating National Wildlife Day

National Wildlife Day - 4th September

National wild life day is dedicated to Steve Irwin, the famous conservationist who also ran various TV shows like The Crocodile Hunter. Television was a strong platform back then: it was used by various conservationists like Gerald Durrell and Sir Richard Attenborough to raise awareness as well as funds for the protection of wildlife. 

Cut to today. Digital campaigns are taking the mission of conservation to the masses. From making messages go viral to collect signatures for online petitions to raising funds to mobilising people for protests - every single thing matters when it comes to influencing policymakers and policy decisions. 

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’d know about’s campaign regarding putting pressure on the Bolsonaro’s government to take action to save the amazon rainforest. 4 days of campaign. 3 million signatures. Read:

Read how the wildlife conservation movement is taking the help of digital technology to fight wildlife crime:

These examples of using technology as well as social media to make a difference open up different doors to imaginative responses to all kinds of crises. Do share if you’ve ever supported any such campaigns. Did you feel you made a difference?