Disaster Day

World Sight Day of charity is celebrated by Thedigitalfellow

Disaster Day

Apart from the natural & man-made disasters, the biggest disaster for your business 📉 is your #website getting hacked!

Your website is the first touchpoint where your customers check your business' authenticity. If they are unable to access your website 😦, that's an indication of a disaster for your brand's reputation. There are many other brands that can easily fill the spot you’ve vacated & faster than you can imagine!

A few months back, we too faced the same where our #GoDaddy account's password was changed by someone. Then began the 25 days of struggle. Countless hours of national & international calls. But finally, we succeeded to get it back.

We’ve talked about our experience to help you stay alert. Read "How Websites Get Hacked Because of Silly Loopholes": http://bit.ly/2SeZJKT

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No Bear day is celebrated by Thedigitalfellow

No Bear day

Some days are just fun. No convincing reason for them to be celebrated. Women may not care for it. Men who shave regularly won’t make much sense of it anyway. Men who are clean-shaven always won’t bother either.

No Beard Day would be a pain to guys like our mascot. We’re surprised we did this to him!

Let’s take this day to give a shout out to top women digital marketing influencers. And then to the male ones who don’t sport a beard.

Start following them if you don’t already!


1. @AnnHandley

2. @LilachBullock

3. @PamMoore

4. @MariSmith

5. @JoannaWiebe

1. @NeilPatel

2. @RyanDeiss

3. @LarryKim

4. @EricSiu

5. @TommyGriffith

@Garyvee, of course. Because he rocks – beard or no beard! It’s a crazy day anyway.

Tell us about the leaders & influencers you follow & what you learn from them.
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