Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Onion Rings Day

Onion Rings Day - 22th June

Today is onion rings day , an opportunity for you to get out there to enjoy your favourite deep fried savoury treat 🍲😋. The richness, crispiness & deliciousness that you enjoy so much is the result of the process of transformation of the onion: it involves breading the onion in a colourful coating & deep frying.

Similar is the marketer's journey of converting strangers into promoters.
Just as it takes time and a lot of nurturing at each stage of the process of converting an onion into delicious onion rings, the process of converting a stranger into a promoter takes time & nurturing.

👉🏻 The 4 stages in that nurturing process are as follows:
1. ATTRACT 🧲 - Here the 'strangers' get converted into 'visitors' as they come in contact with the brand's content through blogs, social media 📱, etc.

2. CONVERT 👍🏻 - 'Visitors' then get converted into 'leads' as they start considering buying from you after consuming your content.

3. CLOSE 🤝🏻 - Converting ‘leads’ into customers by closing a sale is not an easy task. You need to nurture the lead by developing a relationship with buyers.

4. DELIGHT 😍 - It’s the final stage that converts customers into promoters by providing them an amazing post-sale satisfaction. This happens when you build a relationship with them, and stay connected via emails, social media and deliver what's promised.

👣 Follow these Inbound marketing strategies to acquire valuable customers which not only remain connected with your brand for a longer time but also act as a word of mouth for your product/service.

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