Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Play in the Sand Day

Play in the Sand Day - 11th August

Imagine your digital marketing strategy were a sandcastle! Not in the sense of being fragile of course 😱! But in the sense of being imaginative, daring, ambitious! What would such a castle look like?

1. It would have a strong foundation.
Yes. Like the content 📝 funnel! (TOFU: MOFU: BOFU =70:20:10)
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2. It would be a product of fabulous teamwork.
Your team would have different people working on different aspects like Research, SEO, Content, Design & Social Media Management.

3. It would be constantly rebuilt.
Oh, the waves of disruption will keep coming. Does that mean it’ll look exactly the same always as if it were from the dinosaur era? Nope. It’ll evolve.

4. It’ll be open to adaptation.
No wave breaks it all. There’s always something that can be salvaged. And repurposed. 👉🏽 Repurposing Tips.

Implement these lessons and nurture your own sandcastles! 📈✌🏼