Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Productivity Day

Productivity Day - 20th June

We can consciously increase our productivity is a choice & the first step towards it is realization. The moment you realize that you are wasting your time consciously or subconsciously, you are all set to climb the first ladder to productive work. 💼(Or into an abyss. Your call!)

Life is full of distractions 📵 and our monkey brain 🧠 is wired to follow each and every distraction that falls its way. Without any discrimination!

One of the ways to get back on the track again is to become a bit self-disciplined. Here are a few ways that help boost productivity:

1. Plan your day the night before
2. Stop multitasking
3. Take breaks
4. Set small goals 🥅
5. Implement the 'two-minute rule'.
6. Take care of the biggest tasks when you’re most alert
7. Eat good food 🥝🥗

👉🏻Follow the links below to instantly become more productive:
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 Self-discipline as the best productivity hack

Let’s stop monkeying around jumping from one thought to another and accomplishing nothing in the process! Stay productive! Stay clear of regrets!