thedigitalfellow is celebrating read a book day.

Read A Book Day - 6th September

Read A Book Day! But how indeed to read? There are physical copies, e-books and audiobooks. Reading was never so diverse! Seriously! Enter audiobooks when we thought e-books were a fad, done & dusted.


Reading is an intimate activity. It makes you curl up within yourself. Now, audiobooks don’t let you do that, do they? So, indulge yourself a little. Pick up a book today and read.


Revive the bedtime stories with your kids, if nothing else. No matter how old they are. You’ll feel good for the next 2 days because you did something profound!


If you love reading digitally, check out these apps for reading books, audiobooks, and comics-


Use apps like pocket for a relaxing reading experience online or offline. 


If you are creating content for your readers, read RX: The Reader Experience in the Digital Age -


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