Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Simplicity Day

Simplicity Day - 12th July

KISS! “Keep It Simple, Stupid". A principle which states that a system works best if it is kept simple rather than unnecessarily complex. Most of us know this. Yet, we keep going round and round.

2 examples in the digital context: 
Search and Design.
In the digital platform, simplicity means thinking intuitively. Look at Google. It turned the simple act of searching into an algorithm and changed the way millions of people find stuff. It continues to be among the most used websites and apps in the world.
Want proof? The World’s Simplest Brands 2018-19 report: 55% of consumers claim that they’ll pay more for a brand that delivers a simple experience.

The principle of simplicity applies to design too. The simpler the design, the more quickly it becomes a part of our lives and the brand prospers.

Alert!: Simple doesn’t mean easy. The simplest of designs suck the greatest amount of time and effort.

Learn the best rules for Creating a Simple Design here: