Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Social Media Day

Social Media Day - 30th June

The social media 📲 have redefined the way people interact and communicate with friends, family and the world. Even the real time interactions (live chats/videos) have become possible thanks to the social media.

👉 How did it all come to be? 
Read "The History of Social Media" @

Beyond socializing, the technology 👨🏻‍💻 has become an integral part of educational resources 📚, spreading wisdom around the world and also connecting businesses with their right potential customers 🙋🏻‍♂.

Just think of what tools you want in order to grow your business and you have a social media platform for it. But how can you capitalise on it? 🤔

The secret lies in staying updated with what's happening in the ecosystem of the social media news & trends and implementing the strategies derived out of the same news & trends. 🤩

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It's one of the most amazing books 📖 on how to build your business using the social media.

Happy Social Media Day 🥳
Stay connected 🤝🏻