Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Sprinkles Day

Sprinkles Day - 23rd July

Sprinkles add delight 🤩 to lives. Think of colourful sprinkles on doughnuts 🥣!

Think sprinkle. Think of SEO. the verb – is different. Sprinkle is a strategy. It’s a way to attract attention. Think of fish coming to food!

In digital marketing, sprinkling works at 2 levels:
Macro: sprinkling of content on different platforms
Micro: sprinkling of the right keywords within your content

While you should’t limit the content that you can sprinkle across the web, there’s a limit to the number of keywords you can sprinkle in each piece of the content.

Too much or too little of it can do more harm than benefit to your brand.

Keywords are the words and ideas that describe your content best. These come from the search queries on the web. If you sprinkle these keywords across your content, you increase your chances of getting found. And helping your audience.

Think sprinkle. Think SEO.

So, before writing, consider the stage at which your user is and proceed accordingly.
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