Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Teddy bear day

Teddy Bear Day - 9th September

Teddy Bears! Our first best friends.  We have grown older & smarter. But guess what? So have teddies: Artificial Intelligence. 


Enter supertoy, a talking teddy bear that can hold real conversations. Watch:


Also read about how a robotic teddy bear, "Huggable," deployed across several pediatric units at Boston Children's Hospital in the US, interacts with children on an emotional level, boosts their mood & helps them recover sooner. Watch:


Watch how a hotel turned a teddy bear into a viral sensation using social media -


Teddy Bear Day is named after US President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt - after the moment he refused to shoot a bear during a hunt. In the digital sphere, such eponyms abound: 


Kaspersky anti-virus

Babbage’s engine (the computer’s ancestor)

Turing’s machine (the computer of course)

Algorithm (the 9th century Persian mathematician Al-Khwarizmi)


See? Trivia is always fun!