Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Tell A Joke Day

Tell A Joke Day - 16th August

What would be a movie director’s favourite part of a paid search ad?
👉🏽 The call to ACTION! 🤣🤣

Bad jokes apart, everyone would agree that social media have revolutionized humor. Now you can watch your favorite funny comedy clips 😜 anytime, anywhere. And if you are a stand-up comedian, this is a golden era for you to be famous. You just need to do your personal branding right -

👉🏽 And brands are using humor 😆 as a means to strike a chord with their consumers. Remember regular netflix_in & durex.india? Theirs were really quirky social media campaigns.

Then there are memes 😺 that continue to explode & some take the internet by the storm while helping promote a product/service or two. You just need to know how to use them. Read-

If you are a digitalmarketer, enjoy 👉🏽 😄😄😄