Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Tequila Day

Tequila Day - 24th July

There are a lot of myths around drinking tequila. Breaking news: it’s not always meant to be drunk in rapid shots. Mexicans sip it slowly and relish it like any other drink.

Similarly, a lot of mumbo jumbo goes around in the name of digital marketing. Stuff like: if you have a Facebook account, you know everything about digital marketing. Or that tweeting everyday means doing digital marketing.

Social media posts do not constitute a strategy! The digital space is far bigger than one can imagine. Navigating this space takes time.

On another note, rapid shots of random posts everyday may only get you drunk for a while. It’ll take a different approach to really enjoy the benefits of your digital marketing efforts.

Traditional marketers who want to promote their brand digitally can begin here:
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Happy Digital Learning! 😉