Thedigitalfellow is celebrating Underwear Day

Underwear Day - 5th August

People look for patterns, design & comfort when choosing one. But there’s more than underwear can do!

The underwear segment amounts to US$286,787m in 2019 & the market is expected to grow 📈 annually by 5% until 2023. (Read:

People look for patterns, design & comfort when choosing one. But there’s more that an underwear can do!

Digitally native brands are increasingly edging traditional companies out. After smartphones 📲and smartwatches as wearable tech, clothing 👕👙 is going to be the next big thing. Check these out:

 Myant has launched smart underwears with the consumer brand Skiin which measures your biometrics (heartbeat, breathe & motions and even notifies💬 when you are stressed. 👉 (Watch:

 Smart underwear against incontinence. The wearables designed explicitly for women with a specific health need. 👉

 Smart underwear preventing lower back stress - 👉

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