thedigitalfellow is celebrating Vlogging Day

Vlogging Day - 10th August

The decreasing 📉 attention span of people is the biggest challenge businesses face while trying to engage their target audience in today's digital space 📲 . While businesses know they’ve got to invest in video marketing, they could borrow heavily from vloggers who have already made it!

Vlogging 📹 (Video Blogging) is the latest phase in blogging. If you are a beginner, check out these 👉🏽 7 Vlogging techniques you should master:

Here are the 6 Engagement Marketing Lessons we’ve noticed vloggers follow:
1. Treat People Like People
2. Clarify the Call-to-Action
3. Give Your Fans the V.I.P. Treatment
4. Use Social Media Strategically
5. Create High-Quality Content
6. Be Authentic
As always, the rules any kind of content should follow!
👉🏽Learn in-depth:

🧳 Top 20 travel vloggers to follow in 2019 -

What are you waiting for? Open your camera & start talking to your audience directly. Happy Vlogging! 😎 📹