Thedigitalfellow is celebrating We Love Memoirs Day

We Love Memoirs Day - 31st August

If there isn’t a novel in all of us, there definitely is a memoir!


We Love Memoirs Day is a day to think seriously about it. The day was started to bring together memoir readers & writers together. Here’s the FB group: 


If you’d like to write your memoir today & read one someday, start with Write a letter to yourself today & schedule a date for it to be delivered to you in future. Had you done this earlier, you’d perhaps have realized how much wiser you’re today. Or back then.


Meanwhile, enjoy the little memoirs you Google Photos or your social media accounts send you by as moments from your past. Ah, that feeling of this day, that year!


And there’s always the iconic Garyvee: his life an open book that continues to inspire fans all over. Someone expressed his goal to meet Garyvee and Garyvee asked his team to make it possible! We wonder if he processes his posts from the past as memoir.