Thedigitalfellow is celebrating World Asteroid Day

World Asteroid Day - 30th June

World Asteroid Day marks the anniversary of the 1908 Tunguska impact, the most harmful known asteroid-related event on Earth 🌏 in recent history. It aims to raise awareness 🧐 about asteroids & how they can pave the way for future exploration. (

In this era of digitalization 👨🏻💻📲, cyber attacks act as asteroids. Today, when almost everything is just a click or tap away, our data is being captured by the companies in real time. Getting familiar with privacy policies though may help you keep all your data safe and secure. The policies are all gobbledygook but it’s worth putting some time to read, understand and implement them in our digital behaviour.

Often, due to our negligence like using a weak password or revealing personal information on social media, we get hit by cyber attacks.

And the consequences may include:
1. Identity theft, fraud
2. Malware, phishing
3. Password sniffing
4. Instant message abuse
5. IP theft, etc.

📌 Here are:
👉🏻 11 tips to help you protect yourself against  cyber crime
👉🏻 Futuristic ways to fight cyber-attacks

👉🏻 Watch  BLACK MIRROR on Netflix "A Powerful Look at the Dark Side of Privacy, Security & Technology".

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Stay Safe! 😇