Thedigitalfellow is celebrating World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor Day - 14th June

Donating blood is celebrated as a noble deed all over the world because it helps save lives. Let’s take a moment to look at the spirit behind the gesture. The desire to donate blood emerges when one feels empathy for another person.

Not very unlike the empathy one needs in the world of social media. Let’s be more empathetic and be positive to spread the good health💪 and life we all need in order to live better.

Just as our blood ties join us to our families, donating our blood also forms a bloodline that’s precious. How are we alive if we don’t feel the blood in our veins and the blood that flows in a fellow human being’s?

Guys, the technology we enjoy today was meant to bring us all together🤝, to connect us with each other.

Let’s pay tribute to all kinds of empathy we experience in our daily lives. And take that extra step to spread it too.