Thedigitalfellow is celebrating World Doll Day

World Doll Day - 8th June

Remember, the time when you used to play with dolls 🎎? Playing with them, weaving exotic stories with them used to make you so happy 🥰 that they had become an important part of your life. So you loved and cared about them as if they were as real as your family!

But that was a different era. With the advent of technology 📱, social media have become an integral part of our lives. The way we connect with people on the social media on a daily basis is reminiscent of those dolls/toys 🧸.

Nothing real. Only virtual.

Each platform is also like a doll with a definite personality, like the iconic @barbie 💇🏻💃🏻 sets. For any business, these platforms are characters in the larger story - that of the brand narrative. Therefore, each should be handled with care and responsibility.

Let's spread love , empathy & wisdom through better, relevant stories, repurposing them in contextual ways so that the tellers and the listeners of the story find themselves engaged and enchanted in the process.