Thedigitalfellow is celebrating World Honey Bee Day

World Honey Bee Day - 17th August

Honeybees 🐝🐝🐝🐝symbolise the idea of flawless organisation skills. It takes a lot of micro and macro management to produce that lip-smacking honey that the planet feeds on. To get inspired, read: 👇👇👇

It’s not just about typical MBA principles. When it comes to preparing content too - whether as social media or for your own website, it requires a lot of coordination across teams. If it’s a blog, it’s not a desolate writer cooking up stuff and penning something down. If it’s a video, it’s not someone going around taking candid shots & dumping it on the editor.

It’s a task that needs more effort than meets the eye. Read about content work flow: 👇👇👇

Bringing management & content management back to the bees more precisely, the bees’ population in many countries is going down, especially that of the British bumblebees. But here too the digital technology comes as a saviour. Read how BeeConnected, an innovative web-based system is helping farmers and beekeepers to protect bee population 👉

Cheers to being in sync, helping each other out & creating something beautiful!