Thedigitalfellow is celebrating World Juggling Day

World Juggling Day - 15th June

In fact, you juggle each day. From prioritizing work to planning weekends. From thinking about shopping expenses to saving money for the future. Everything has to be in a perfect balance for a better life.

In this digital 📲 age, we have an abundance of opportunities to connect with people around the globe and showcase our talent through multiple channels. But this ain't as effortless as it seems. Exactly like juggling.

To be found🙋🏻‍♂ and to grow your business, giving equal importance to all the parameters is essential to improve your digital score. Be it:
 Selecting a social media platform (the stage),
 Deciding the content (the type of juggling),
 Wrapping it with a design (presentation),
 Doing SEO (how will people know about your talent), and
 Analysing how you perform (feedback)

Everything’s got to be dancing to a rhythm, sync not visible to the naked eye.

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