Thedigitalfellow is celebrating World Mosquito Day

World Mosquito Day - 20th August

There are more mosquitoes 🦟 🦟 than humans on this planet! They’re the ones linking us with each other. Blood to blood. They’re easily the world’s first social network ever!

That reminds us: the Internet has tied us up in ways unimaginable. While thinking digitally, we go nuts about link-building. Any link is welcome!

Just as some mosquitoes are a mere nuisance while others are deadly, all links are not the same.

They sneak in through responses to the blogs on your website. These responses might have spam, malicious links! Keep monitoring them & removing them. But resist the urge to turn into a mosquito killer yourself though. How many can you clap & kill? Use anti-spam plugins & extensions instead.

The thing about infections is that they become epidemics! Google can blacklist your website if you have these deadly mosquito-like thingies on your site. It does blacklist around 10,000 websites a day!

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