Thedigitalfellow is celebrating World Senior Citizen’s Day

World Senior Citizen’s Day - 21th August

👴🏻World Senior Citizen’s Day is about spreading about the issues that affect the elderly. But wait! Why are we talking about them as if they’re dead & gone?

1. The oldest models. Yes. MODELS in the fashion industry:
2. The 101 years old patent holder:

If there’s just one lesson we can take away from such legends, it’s that we should stop treating senior citizens as old-fashioned Luddites!

Businesses catering to the mature market (“senior citizens” sounds very condescending!) know very well that this audience is really smart. These men & women don’t fall for the baits of fun, pleasure, or even peer pressure.

Naïve brands complain that the “oldies” aren’t online. Not true!:

Read about the call to design better technology for the use by the elderly in India:

The so-called youth only have to stop being full of themselves & look at their parents & grandparents!