What is Marketing Model 1-9 -90? | TheDigitalFellow

What is Marketing Model 1-9 -90? | TheDigitalFellow

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07 Sep, 2022


What is Marketing Model 1-9 -90 ?

There is a Rule called 1 . 9. 90 1% of your community build content 9% reads and shares And generally, 90% do nothing and they watch so if you want to look famous get found get discovered you have to be that 1% so I write content You have seen my webcomics Tell me, one guy in south-east Asia forget about India entire south-east Asia who writes comics on digital marketing You'll not find much.

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In the world you'll not find not more than 4 – 5 in the world So in that series I started pitching people There is two people the digital fellow and another old-school guy talking so when you make the content you'll get found.

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