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What are the 10 consequences of hiring a Fake Digital Marketer – faced by the industry?

31 Oct, 2022

Are you looking for a reliable Digital Marketing Person? Do you want to know what are the 10 consequences of hiring a fake digital marketer? In this article, we will discuss the 10 consequences of hiring a fake digital marketer and how you can avoid them.

1st consequence, they will kill a digital culture

When a company hires a fake digital marketer, the consequences can be deadly to digital culture. A fake digital marketer is someone who is not qualified to do what they are claiming to do. This can lead to serious damage to a company's online presence and brand.


Here are some of the first consequences of hiring a fake digital marketer:

  • They will destroy your online reputation

A fake digital marketer will try to trick people into thinking that they are real digital marketing experts. This can backfire spectacularly because people will see through their lies. As a result, your company's online reputation will suffer tremendously.

  • They will sabotage your website

Fake digital marketers often don't understand how websites work. This means that they will attempt to make changes to your website without consulting you first. This can cause major problems for your website, including lost traffic and decreased conversions.

  • They will damage your brand image.

Fake digital marketers often take advantage of gullible business owners. Once they have been hired, they will start making false claims about their skills and abilities. This damage to your brand image can be hard to repair.

2nd They will drive their ego and fire good team members

If you are looking for reliable digital marketing resources you might want to think twice before hiring a fake one by accident. Fake digital marketers often have a very inflated ego, which can lead to them firing good team members and driving their business down the wrong path.

When you hire a fake digital marketer, you’re putting your entire business at risk. The quality of your campaigns will likely suffer, and you might even end up losing money.

It’s important to be careful when choosing a digital marketing person. Make sure that you choose one that has a good reputation and is known for delivering high-quality results. Hiring a fake person will damage your reputation and cost you money in the long run.

3rd they will copy competitors strategies and sink your brand's vision

Fake digital marketers are the ones who create incorrect websites, social media profiles, and email lists in order to deceive businesses into thinking they are getting help from a qualified digital marketing professional.

The consequences of hiring a fake digital marketer can be devastating for a business. These marketers will often copy the strategy and tactics of their competitors, which can lead to a loss of brand vision and lost sales.

4th they will do everything random and ad hoc digital executions


There are many consequences that can come with hiring a fake digital marketer. Some of the most common consequences include:

1. Damage to your brand reputation

2. Negative online reviews

3. Negative media coverage

4. Low website traffic and engagement

5. Decreased customer loyalty and engagement

6. Low conversion rates

7. Increased advertising costs

8. Less ROI from digital marketing initiatives

9. Negative brand perception and image


5th they will take wrong decisions on digital budget spending

There are a few major consequences that a business can face if they hire a fake digital marketer. The most common consequence is that the business will end up spending more money than it would have if it had just hired a real digital marketer in the first place.

Another major consequence is that the fake digital marketer will be able to get the company into more trouble than they would have been if they had just hired a real one. Fake digital marketers are often able to fool businesses into making decisions that end up backfiring on them.

Fake digital marketers often promise things that they cannot deliver, which can lead to frustration among the business's employees. Finally, fake digital marketers are often not very good at their job, which can lead to customer complaints and lost revenue.

6th to impress the stakeholder they will do wrong digital practice to deliver results

When it comes to online marketing, you need to be sure that the people you are working with are legitimate. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake digital marketers out there who will try to take your money and then leave you stranded.


Here are six things you should watch out for when hiring a digital marketer.

1. They Will Charge You an Unreasonable Salary

One of the first signs that a digital marketer is not legitimate is if they charge an unreasonable fee. If they are charging you hundreds of dollars for services that could easily be done free of charge, be suspicious.

2. They Will Promote Fake Products or Services using click bates

Another sign that a digital marketer is not legitimate is if they promote products or services using anti google marketing models.

3. They Will Promise You Fast Results That Won't Happen

One of the biggest red flags when it comes to hiring a digital marketer is if they promise fast results that won’t happen. If they tell you that in just a few weeks you will have more traffic than you ever had before, be cautious.

4. They Will Influence You in Unethical Ways

One of the things that most fake digital marketers will do is try to influence you in unethical ways. If they are trying to get you to do something that you might not want to do, be careful.

6. They Won't Respond ( no empathy ) to Your Customer's or team's Emails or Calls

If you notice any of these signs, be sure to avoid working with that person. There are plenty of legitimate digital marketers out there who will help you reach your goals.

7th they will hire more incompetent digital resource and digital external teams

The 7th consequence of hiring fake digital marketers is that they will hire more incompetent digital resources and digital external teams. The reason being is that these fake digital marketers don't have the skills or experience to do the job properly. This will lead to more work for real digital marketers and a deterioration of the quality of the work done.

8th they will forget brands building and focus on personal branding for self-recognition

Digital marketing has become an essential part of many businesses. It can help to improve customer engagement, increase sales, and boost brand awareness. However, there is a risk involved in hiring a fake digital marketer.

The first consequence of hiring a fake digital marketer is that they will forget brand building and focus on personal branding for self-recognition. This means that they will primarily focus on their own goals rather than helping the business achieve its objectives.

Second, fake digital marketers will often misrepresent their skillset. This can lead to customers being misled and damaged as a result. Finally, fake digital marketers are often unprofessional and unreliable. This can damage relationships with customers and undermine trust in the brand.

9th they will buy awards and speaking opportunities to build their digital image

A fake digital marketer is someone who poses as a digital marketer and tries to sell himself to get ready for another job change. They may also try to buy digital awards to remain relevant for the next job search.

The consequences of hiring a fake digital marketer can be serious, both for you and for the person you hired. They may be able to scam you out of money, or they may damage your reputation by lies or deceit.

If you are ever faced with the decision of hiring a fake digital marketer, be sure to do your research first.

10Th they will hire digital PR to fix his own image other than the organizations


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