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Why We Are Doctors At Heart And Digital Consultants By Profession

15 Oct, 2022

When was the last time you had the hospital around the corner call you up? To tell you about their “admit one patient and get breakfast free” offers? Or when was the last time your family doctor told you about how his prescribed medicines are better than the other doctors in the area? Do they call and follow up on you showing up for your appointment? On the contrary, they make you wait for your appointments.

When they finally see you, do you question their diagnosis? or the medicine they just prescribed? Most probably you listen to them. To their diagnosis. Their suggested tests and even buy all the medicine they just prescribed. No matter how expensive they are.

You do all this, as they are not the ones that need you, it’s quite the contrary. As you go to the doctor when you have a problem. It is simple to leverage.

We too are doctors, minus the PhDs

From the start, we have had zero sales pitches. Zero meetings with prospects trying to sell our services. Zero sales calls.

You Before Us

So when we are needed, we are found. You can find us on social media sites (linked below) or here on the website or read our blogs. So we are here to help our clients when the clients need our help. Not when we want their money. We are 100% inbound and 0% traditional.

And doctors are the ones you trust to help you out of tough times. We do the same. We take care of you. If you let us or want us to. We are the doctors of the digital marketing and branding space. Minus the bad handwriting. We help brands to grow up, to live fresh and get more business. We diagnose your business. Give you it’s medical report of the pain areas. And prescribe the medicines and treatments, your business needs to get well soon. And here is the best part. We treat your business ourselves. So no references to other doctors. We do not hire sub vendors. And make sure you don’t need a second opinion. And if your brand is terminally ill, we will let you know the end is near.

Thanks for reading ?and giving us your attention