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Brand Tonality

Why Your Brands Tonality is its soul

15 Oct, 2022

Which was the last blog of ours that you read? Maybe this is your first. I hope not. But if you take a glance through our past work. And think “sarcasm is strong with this one”. I would not blame you. After all, sarcasm is the new black. Kidding. It’s who we are. It’s our brand tonality. In other words, we keep it real. That’s going to either make you like us. Or it’s going to make sure your frustration is evident in the comment sections.     Every brand that has ever existed. When they were created, underwent the process of finding who they are. Or I hope they did. This usually means going to a brand manager or brand custodian. With questions about brand personality, brand behavior, and how the brand will be seen by the customers.    
My Experience with Brand Tonality
Well, I had a personal journey for finding the brand tonality for a company I used to work at. In that journey, I discovered branding science. It was everything I was looking for. Including character, personality, essence, and behavior. It was covered. It also taught me how to use data to come to each of these conclusions.   If you are familiar with my work, then you know my spiel. I love providing value. So here are 5 links that will help you understand brand tonality:
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  3.  Finding a brand voice
  4.  4 Steps to finding your brand voice
  5.  Brand voice tool kit
      So when I was starting TheDigitalFellow, brand tonality had a big place in my roadmap. We figured out our tone. Rather quickly. It was honesty and bluntness with a sprinkle of sarcasm. Since we are not going to be an agency we will always strictly behave like a Consultant, a doctor of sorts. It is not our intention to please a customer because it will bring us revenue. If it works, we will tell you. If not, we will tell you. Today it is very common to side with a client even if you don’t agree with their business plan, just for short-term financial gain. Maybe as humans, we feel we are right. And fragile egos are everywhere. So any criticism or arguments can’t be easily seen as attacks. This is why not everyone can work with us. Our criticism should never be taken as an attack. We want you to win. You win. We win. Now we can’t win if your product or service sucks now can we? Nope. That’s why honesty and bluntness are two sides of the same coin. And why we wanted it to be our tone.    
The reality of the Market Space
It is indisputable how few consultants and agencies like to hold on to a client like a leech. And milk them for years. We do not want to do that. Because I have been in a lot of jobs that paid well without any challenges. And I quit all of those jobs. I love the challenges and process of building from the ground up. I’m obsessed with building brands. So my passion comes across as rude. And as I got older and more refined. That rudeness has evolved into honesty and bluntness. I love working with people who are passionate. I see a bit of me in them. Makes me want to help them grow. Do what no one did for me. That way maybe he/she will not have as hard of a time as I did try to grow. And build something for themselves.  
A Little Taste of Our Brand Tonality
Our animated logo was actually created to compliment this “rudeness”. To have some fun. To turn the dials down a bit. This is where it all started. Then. Starting from our website through the way we behave. In this way, we talk to the client. The tone that you see on the website. What you see in our blog. What you see in idioms. What you see in our campaigns. On the way, we talk to you. This is who we are.